wishing you all the love you deserve


And a particular bout of warm wishes for who is alone or in the wrong company at this time of year, please look after yourself with the love you deserve (show the world how it’s done).






















Recipe for Mulled apple juice

(make the night before or a few hours ahead and let it infuse into delightful spiciness)

1l of apple juice (double it up, you may like to sip this for a while)

1 tea bag

cinnamon stick

a teaspoonful of allspice

an organic orange (or a very well scrubbed unwaxed orange if that’s all you have) cut into slices

a teaspoonful of cloves studded into the orange slices

bring to the boil, cover and let it infuse for as long as you have (take teabag out after 10 minutes or so), simmer it back into the adequate serving temperature

(a shaving of ginger would be a lovely thing to add if you felt a cold coming on, a dash of rum may be added into the glass, I recommend Papagayo organic fair-trade golden rum, my favourite)

Happy sipping.

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